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Stay Fit And Healthy By An Alternative Therapy – FatAussie
Stay Fit And Healthy By An Alternative Therapy

Stay Fit And Healthy By An Alternative Therapy

Physiotherapy is sought after for its many beneficial results. Massages that are offered by a reputed physio will help a sports person as well as a non-sports person.

Developing resilience-A flexible body is not easily attacked by any disease than a rigid and stiff body. Whatever is your age, keeping your body fit and resilient is a great way to prevent any sudden attack of disease. A massage therapy keeps your body resilient by working on the ligaments, muscles and tissues of your body. It also increases the level of blood circulation in your body.

Curing back pain-Many people think of getting a body massage to ease their back pain, but many are unaware of the fact that it is a lot more effective than other therapies, like acupuncture and spinal modification. It is also noticed that remedial massage Chatswood can reduce the intake of pain killers by about 36%.Curing Dilemma-Generally Dilemma or Migraines are generated due to lack of sleep or tension. A good massage helps in relieving Dilemma. In fact, massages as a treatment of headaches and migraines have been popular and effective from years ago.

Safe-guarding hypertension-Hypertension is a very common disease nowadays, and is noticed in every third person. Excessive hypertension may even lead to stroke and heart attack. In a research, it is proven that a ten-minute back massage three times a day helps safe-guarding hypertension in a better way as compared to taking hours of sleep and rest.

Controlling Carpal Tunnel-Carpal tunnel is a painful disease in which the median nerve which connects the forearm and hand becomes cramped at the wrist. The symptoms of this disease are burning, throbbing and numbness in the palm, thumb and the middle finger. In researches, it is discovered that patients suffering from this painful and critical disease also are benefitted by receiving regular massages.

Anatomical effects

•Reducing cramps-Excessive stress and waste materials results in cramps in the muscles. Massage is also beneficial in this as it releases the body’s endorphins.

•Relief – Muscles are relieved through heat generation, transmission and expanding. Mechanoreceptors which can sense touch, warmth and tissue length are accelerated causing a reflex action of relaxation.

Mental effects

•Reducing panic- By the above mentioned effects of a massage it is clear that it induces relief, naturally reducing panic.

•Refreshing- It is nothing unknown that a massage calms your mind makes your mood refreshed. Thus, besides all the above benefits of a massage it is also refreshing.

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